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Sleep Medicine Solutions is your premier destination for all of your CPAP Machine, CPAP Accessories and CPAP Spare parts needs. We stock a large range of Nasal Masks, Nasal Pillows Systems, Humidifiers, Tubing, Filters, Headgear and more for all of the leading brands including BMC Medical RESmart, Fisher & Paykel, Philips Respironics and Transcend.


By and large all the brands available on the market are reliable and it would be difficult to recommend one instead of the other, except for personal preferences and cost.

Humidification and Ramp

Humidification is available in virtually all the machines at present and a feature called "ramp" is also available. The ramp is sometimes useful as it allows the patient to reach the predetermined pressure value over a period of 5, 10, 15 and sometimes 30 minutes. Some people find the gradual increase in pressure easier to tolerate.

Nasal mask, full face mask, nasal pillows

The delivery system is a question of personal preferences. In terms of efficacy there is no difference between a nasal mask, nasal pillows system or full face mask. Full face masks are usually not recommended because of the intrusiveness, but occasionally they are necessary. There is only one industry standard which allows any mask to be used on any machine.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is offered on all of our products Australia-wide.

Spare Parts

We are able to order in any spare parts that are not listed on our website for brands we carry. Please contact us for more information. Warranty for spare parts is per the manufacturer's specifications.